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2 Siouxland frontline workers say they experienced little to no side effects after receiving second round of COVID-19 vaccine

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -- While everyone is briefed on the possible side effects before receiving either dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, some local health officials say they have yet to experience anything other than a sore arm.

UnityPoint Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Kevin Handke said he got his second dose over a week ago. Overall, he said his experience was comparable to other vaccinations.

"It was really no different than my first one. I compared my first one to a flu shot with a little bit of arm discomfort, my second one was a little bit more compared to a tetanus shot arm pain, but I had no other symptoms associated with it," said Handke.

Kelli Engel is the Director of Invasive Cardiology at UnityPoint. Since her second vaccination, she says she has experienced little to no side effects as well.

"I felt really essentially fine other than just some soreness in my arm," said Engel.

Both health care workers say even if they had experienced more severe side effects, the comfort in knowing they are officially, completely vaccinated is worth it.

"The numerous contacts that I've heard from have really indicated that the support is there. The literature supports that all the appropriate measures were taken and I feel confident in receiving it myself," said Engel.

"I would rather take the risk of that than having COVID. Seeing COVID patients throughout the past year and seeing some of the outcomes or long term effects that come with it, this is way better," said Handke.

Both Handke and Engel said they are honored to be among the first in Siouxland to receive both doses.

Libbie Randall

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