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Several thousand guard troops to remain in D.C. through mid-march

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Five thousand National Guard Troops are expected to stay in Washington through at least mid March.

Twenty five thousand National Guard Members came to Washington to secure the city through Joe Biden's inauguration following violence at the capitol.

While thousands are now returning home, at least seven thousand will be remaining in place through the end of January.

The drawdown will continue, but the guard will continue to work closely with local law enforcement and the FBI to secure the nation's capital.

National Guard General David Hokanson says he is also working to make sure his soldiers don't have to sleep in parking garages in the interim.

There was a widespread outcry when hundreds of guardsmen and women were forced to bunk in a freezing parking garage overnight Thursday

General Hokanson claims that kind of oversight won't happen again as the troops that keep peace in coming weeks around the capitol complex

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