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Sioux City Schools hosts education legislative forum to discuss various topics

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -- Leaders with the Sioux City Community School District held an Education Legislative Forum on Saturday.

Funding, safety among students, and the challenges of teaching during a pandemic were just some of the few topics educators got to discuss.

"Our goal in hosting these is to make certain that the legislators set aside some time to talk specifically about education," said Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman.

But the biggest topic of discussion had to do with open enrollment.

"There's some conversation happening at the legislative level about removing the deadline for open enrollment to basically open it up for other times of the year," said Dr. Gausman.

Educators were able to voice their opinion on any possible changes that could accompany something like that.

"If students can come and go at other times of the year, we can't budget in a way that serves our taxpayers well. We don't want to overstaff a district and we don't want to understaff a district. Our only point on open enrollment today was to leave that timeline in place," said Dr. Gausman.

Dr. Gausman says forums like these are important to in order to have proper communication about the needs among educators in the district.

"I'm really thankful to our local representatives and senators for the way they stay in touch with us, not just at these forums, but also in between the forums," said Dr. Gausman.

The next Sioux City Education Legislative Forum will be held on Saturday, February 27th.

Libbie Randall

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