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2020 Sioux City crime statistics: Violent crimes up 26%, property crimes down 15%

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - The Sioux City Police Department has released their preliminary 2020 crime numbers, and they show that though overall property crimes have gone down, violent crimes have risen.

According to the SCPD's numbers, between 2019 and 2020, violent crimes increased by 26%. Those crimes include murder, robbery and aggravated assault.

In 2020, the number of murders and manslaughter incidents rose 200%. In total, six murders or manslaughters were reported in 2020, that's up from two in 2019.

Also up were robberies with a 32% increase and aggravated assaults with a 30% increase.

"Unfortunately, violent crime generally cannot be predicted, and police patrol tactics and strategies only have a limited impact on crime rates," said Sioux City Police Chief Rex Mueller in an official statement. "Factors such as economic conditions, age and demographics of the population, geography and climate, population density, citizen education, and cultural factors provide variables that more significantly affect crime."

But not all crime is up, the statistical report shows property crime has dropped 15% overall. These crimes include larceny, motor vehicle theft, burglary and arson.

With burglaries and larcenies, both are down 24% and 16% respectively.

Overall, Sioux City police say total crimes are down 10%.

"Looking at our historical property crime statistics, there is nothing overly concerning. Local property crime trends tend to have ebbs and flows over the years," said Chief Mueller. "With property crime down 15% we can simply view this as a reasonably steady crime rate. While any downward trends in crime rates are positive, changes of this rate are likely beyond the ability of our department to impact."

Chief Mueller says their department will continue to deploy the latest crime reduction strategies to make a positive impact in the area.

20162017201820192020 (preliminary numbers)Percentage of change from 2019 to 2020
Violent Crime Total3653601341366461Up 26%
Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter12526Up 200%
Forcible Rape4056385046Down 8%
Robbery5971635775Up 32%
Aggravated Assault265231235257334Up 30%
Property Crime Total3,2603,5773,0743,2032,736Down 15%
Burglary592612781645489Down 24%
Larceny/Theft2,3652,6602,0252,3101,984Down 16%
Motor Vehicle Theft292298246248284Up 15%
Arson13162215150% Change
Total Crimes3,6253,9373,4153,5693,197Down 10%

The above statistics were compiled by the SCPD's lead crime analyst. These stats include the preliminary numbers for 2020 and might be reinterpreted by the FBI when assembling their nationwide uniform crime report.

This reclassification of data is done by the FBI because not all states classify crimes in the same manner.

Chief Mueller says the unprecedented nature of the past year could be a big reason for the data.

"We are the most effective agency when we are working hand in hand with our citizens. I think, certainly, we didn't always and weren't always, because of the pandemic, able to maintain and establish those relationships, it probably hurt us to some degree in the area of community policing and probably impacted us in our crime rate," said Mueller.

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