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White ribbons placed around downtown Sioux City in honor of those lost to COVID-19

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -- As you make your way around Downtown Sioux City you may notice something new hanging from the light poles: white ribbons.

Two hundred and eleven white ribbons are hanging around downtown Sioux City in honor of the 211 Woodbury County residents who have lost their lives to COVID so far.

Siouxland Wears Masks and Iowa Educators for a Safe Return to School organized the event as a way to take a moment to show support for everyone who has lost someone and remembers those who have died from the virus.

"COVID has upended all of our lives it's affected all of us in so many ways but particularly those who have lost loved ones or had loved ones who become very ill due to the disease and we just feel that every life and that has been lost in Siouxland is important and deserves a tribute," said Cassie Thompson, Member.

Mark Sturgeon has been a part of the Siouxland Wears Mask group since it began.

He lost his mother to COVID.

"My mom had it for a week and it killed her. And she didn't have anything else going on she was pretty healthy. And I just appreciate the opportunity to put a ribbon up in her honor and have people drive by and see it and think she's not a statistic she's a living person who had many years ahead of her and we just don't get to enjoy those years," said Sturgeon.

Cassie Thompson a member of both of the groups said it's been easy to get lost in the numbers.

She said it's all about caring for the community and letting people know that every life is important.

"I just hope they take a moment to think about how this year has affected all of us and again to remember that those people are important whether or not that person was older or that person was sick and some other way that their life is still important and that we care about them," said Thompson.

The groups will be back Monday at 7 P.M. at the Sioux City Public Museum to hold a vigil for those who have been lost to COVID-19.

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