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Mom, daughter and daughter’s boyfriend charged in murder for hire plot


CARMEL, Ind. (CNN) - A mother and daughter, along with the daughter's boyfriend, are facing charges in a man’s death

The three suspects, 41-year-old Heidi Littlefield, her daughter, 22-year-old Logan Runyon, and her boyfriend, 29-year-old Robert Walker face charges in the murder of 46-year-old Francis Kelley.

A friend found Kelley found dead in his Carmel, Indiana. home on Jan. 18 and she told police that she hadn't heard from him for a couple of days.

The autopsy found Kelley had been strangled, but toxicology reports later showed he had fentanyl in his system.

Kelley had been in a custody battle with Littlefield. She had been inside of this house three days before he was found dead.

According to a text message exchange between Kelley and Littlefield, he tasted something odd in his oatmeal.

Text from Kelley said, "you were in my fridge last night and it tastes funny after a couple of bites and now I'm lightheaded."

The lightheadedness was from the fentanyl.

Investigators say Littlefield had tried before, by lacing Kelley's soup with fentanyl.

According to court records released to I-Team 8, police were notified of recorded conversations of Littlefield, saying she wanted Kelley dead and she was making plans on overdosing him and planting drugs on him.

Police also say that Littlefield and her daughter had paid walker last year to have Kelley killed.

Investigators say they gave Walker $2,500 to find someone to do it.

Walker told police investigators that he had used the money to buy drugs and had no intention of doing what Littlefield wanted.

Walker and Runyon were picked up by police in Ohio earlier this week.

Walker had an outstanding local warrant and during questioning he told investigators everything.

He told police that Littlefield drugged Kelley, then went back to his house, found him on the floor barely breathing, she used his favorite ties to strangle Kelley and then bludgeoned his head against the the floor.

Littlefield was supposed to make her first court appearance today, and the first appearance for the other two has not been set.

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