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Miracle League of Sioux City hosts opening day of spring season


SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - The Miracle League of Sioux City hosted their opening day of the 2021 spring season Sunday.

Leaders with the Miracle League said they have more than 100 athletes of all disabilities.

A total of 10 teams played Sunday.

Haley Meacham, Director of the Miracle League of Sioux City, says while they did get to have their fall season last year, their 2020 spring was canceled so they were excited to be back.

"This is just like the most heartwarming experience ever. All of our coaches and athletes just love it out here. They can just come out here, play their hearts out and just have fun. That is like our focus, is having our athletes have fun," said Meacham.

Those athletes were excited and ready to get out on the field and play some ball.

"Man I'm so pumped! I got psyched up this morning and then I really am so excited to play this year. Man, it's so exciting!" said Rajesh Brenner.

The season will continue with games from 1 pm to 6 pm every Sunday until June 13th.

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