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As Biden nears 100th day, he makes a push for infrastructure

President Joe Biden will reach his 100th day in office on Thursday. His administration remains focused on COVID-19 related health and economic issues, but the president is also hoping to get his sweeping infrastructure plan through Congress.

This week President Joe Biden will unveil the latest part of his economic agenda during his first joint address to Congress since laying out his jobs and infrastructure proposal last month in Pittsburgh.

"Even as he's making these final decisions that the American families plan and the speech on Wednesday will not represent the totality of every priority item for him and every item on his agenda that he wants to move forward as president." Said Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary

Sources say Biden's proposal includes reducing child care costs and boosting paid family leave. The White House's plan would nearly double the capital gains tax for those who earn more than a million dollars annually.

Republican lawmakers countered with their own proposal it wouldn't raise taxes and would be paid for with offsets like user fees.

"There are very few folks that will argue they don't want to see government funds invested well. This is one of the reasons why President Biden could call just about anything infrastructure and hope to throw that cloak over it for broad approval." Said Rep. Peter Meijer R Michigan.

Despite the differences, it appears the lines of communication are open between the two parties.

“I have talked to our ranking members. I have talked to my committee chairmen. I have talked to Democrats. This is an active conversation, and i think that it's a good beginning.” Said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito R West Virginia.

As Biden inches toward his 100th in office it appears a slight majority of the US is content with his performance.

According to an average of the six most recent polls, Biden has a 55% approval rating while 41% feel the opposite.

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