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Census Bureau: US population rises to 331,449,281, 7.4% increase is 2nd slowest ever

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2020 Census

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Census Bureau says the population of the United States is 331,449,281. The 7.4% increase over the last decade is the second slowest ever.

The Census Bureau is releasing the first data from its 2020 headcount. The release marks the official beginning of the once-a-decade redistricting battles.

The numbers released Monday, along with more detailed data expected later this year, will be used by state legislatures or independent commissions to redraw political maps to account for shifts in population.

Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota are all keeping the same number of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Some of the states losing seats include California, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. While states like Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, Oregon and Montana are all receiving one more seat. Texas is the only state to receive two more seats.

Find more data on the census here.

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