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Democrats and GOP still at odds over Biden’s infrastructure plan

President Joe Biden says he's willing to work with Republicans on his infrastructure plan.

He invited Senator Shelly Moore Capito for a return visit to The White House to discuss the West Virginia Republican's counter proposal

President Biden is hoping to build a bipartisan bridge with Republicans for his sweeping infrastructure plan.

"he knows that negotiation requires compromise at some point and that he wants to move this package forward in a bipartisan way if that's possible." Said Anita Dunn, Senior Advisor to the President.

One major point of contention is the cost.

"If you look at all the president's recent proposals, they total more than $4.1 trillion dollars. that's the amount that we spent to win World War II." Said Republican Sen. from Maine, Susan Collins

"This is a staggering amount, similar to someone with a new credit card, and these are for things we don't necessarily need, we can't afford, but they will delight the Liberal left of the party." Said Republican Sen. From Wyoming John Barrasso.

The GOP, wanting to reign in the price tag, has a $600B counter proposal, which includes $160B for COVID-related causes and extends Federal unemployment benefits at their current levels.

Although the White House says it wants to work with Republicans on the infrastructure plan, President Biden has hinted that he will consider moving forward without GOP support, like the Administration did with its COVID-19 relief bill, which passed, along party lines, through budget reconciliation.

"We'll have to see if whether or not republicans in Washington join the rest of America in broadly supporting these common-sense ideas to grow our economy and make our families better." Said Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin a critical swing vote in the evenly-divided senate says he "most certainly" has concerns about the Biden White House's push for more expansive government.

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