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Police department in Denison, IA now equipped with body cameras

Denison Police Department

DENISON, Iowa (KTIV) -- Every officer serving the Denison, Iowa, Police Department now has a body camera to wear while on duty.

The idea was pitched by both the department, and the city council, several months ago. Last month, they received the cameras. Officers now wear them while on duty. But the cameras only record while officers are interacting with others in the community.

Each camera holds up to six hours of footage. The footage taken while on duty is downloaded right after the officer's shift, and is saved in the department's archives.

"Obviously if we're not doing something right, we want to know that as well. But we actually look at it as an opportunity to protect our own officers during the course of doing business," said Chief of Police Dan Schaffer.

The company they ordered the cameras from also sells the department their cruiser cameras.

Chief Schaffer said this will allow the footage from both cameras to sync up, and add another layer of protection.

Libbie Randall

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