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Hartington Golf Club cleans up minimal damage left by tornado

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HARTINGTON, Neb. (KTIV) - Cleanup is being done in Hartington, Nebraska, after a tornado touched down on Wednesday afternoon.

Although the tornado caused minimal damage at the Hartington Golf Club, maintenance workers showed up at the golf course to clean up debris and fallen trees.

Two trees were blown over and plants were tossed onto the course from a neighboring lot. One section of fencing was damaged during the storm.

Gary Kuehn, head greenskeeper and golf course supervisor, says he actually drove through the tornado on his way to clean up the course.

"Well I was sitting at the stop sign and the guy behind me was honking and I was like…I was in it. And then my initial thought was look up to see if I'm underneath a tree or something to get out in the open but, no. By the time I thought I was in a bad spot, it was over," said Kuehn.

Kuehn says by Noon on Thursday, the course will be back to normal, thanks to some extra help from local high school golfers.

Brett Mayerson

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