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Lawton-Bronson Community School District emphasizes the importance of buses with seat belts

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BRONSON, Iowa (KTIV) -- The Lawton-Bronson School District partially credits its safety training for keeping children as safe as possible on every bus ride.

Seat belts in school buses are the district's biggest priority right now.

"It makes me almost ill to think what could have happened had we not had seat belts," said Superintendent Chad Shook said about Tuesday's accident.

Many of the Lawton-Bronson Community School District buses are equipped with seat belts.

After a school bus rollover in Woodbury County, leaders with the school want to emphasize the importance they put on students wearing them.

"Everyday as the kids are getting on the bus, drivers are checking for seat belts and they are reminding the kids to wear their seat belts, so our kids have been pretty good about it," said Shook.

Shook says even parents remind their children to wear their seat belt while on the bus.

"A big thing, too, is that our parents support the seat belts and they're very supportive of us getting the kids to wear seat belts. So it's been a very pleasant experience moving to buses with seat belts," said Shook.

Within one week, the school district plans to have every bus have seat belts in every row.

"We only have one regular route school bus that does not have seat belts on it and that bus, believe it or not, is being replaced next week with a new bus," said Shook.

As for other safety measures on an average school bus route, Shook says their drivers are consistently trained to get students home safely.

"There's some ongoing training they have to have every year, I believe that it comes down from the department of transportation, and all of our bus drivers are current on that," said Shook.

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