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National Women’s Health Checkup Day: Why you should go see your doctor

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Taking care of your physical health is important and Tuesday happened to be National Women's Health Check Up Day.

For some people, since the beginning of the pandemic, going into the doctor's office hasn't been a top priority.

However, Dr. Shauna LaFleur, reminds people why they should continue to come in.

"Wellness visits are very important. It's kind of a good step on prolonged health and getting a start on screening exams and catching things early. Women tend to be the health care decision makers a lot of times in the home," said LaFleur.

Lafleur adds, women tend to put off their own health to be there for the people they care about instead.

Other factors such as work, transportation, and insurance keep women away from the doctor.

She says, generally, women 21 and older should go into their physician's office at least once a year to get a general exam, and update medical and family history to see what medical screenings they need.

"I think the biggest thing is if you think you are behind, especially with the pandemic over the past year, just get in and get it done as soon as you can," said LaFleur, "I think there has been a decrease in preventative visits and screening exams during the pandemic."

Dr. LaFluer recommends picking the same time of year to go in for your checkup like the end of the school year, an important birthday, or National Women's Check-Up Day.

"I think the biggest thing is get established with your doctor and you know kind of get a comprehensive overview of your health so we can keep you healthy," said Lafluer.

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