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Boy who sold Pokémon cards to save his dog, receives a gift from the card manufacturer

The eight-year-old Virginia boy who sold Pokémon cards to pay for his sick puppy's medical bills got a surprise from the employees at the Pokémon Company.

Bryson Killean's story went viral when a photo posted online showed the boy on the side of the road trying to raise money to pay for his puppy's parvo treatment.

Soon after, his mother made a GoFundMe with a goal of $800, but donations exceeded $5,000 thanks to generous donors from around the globe.

Bryson's story also caught the attention of Pokémon employees based in Bell-View, Washington.

They sent him a package with rare Pokémon cards that most people can't find in stores.

"I'm happy he's home and I'm proud of myself. Now my brother and sister are playing with him too and now I'm really playing with him pretty often now." said Bryson Kliemann, Pokémon fan

"Grateful. I just never thought this was going to be as big as it is and I can't thank people enough for helping him and showing him love and support. It's unreal.” said Kimberly Woodruff, Bryson's mother

Bryson's mother turned off donations for the GoFundMe account that was set-up.

The excess money it raised will help cover medical expenses for other sick dogs and puppies in southwest Virginia.

NBC News

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