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June 2: South Dakota reporting active COVID-19 cases have dropped to 300

South Dakota, COVID-19 (map)

(KTIV) - South Dakota health officials are reporting as of Wednesday 323,387 residents have completed their vaccine series.

This means an estimated 49.48% of South Dakota's 12 and older population has completed their vaccine series. The state's COVID-19 dashboard shows 54.59% of the eligible population has received at least one dose of the vaccine.

So far, South Dakota has administered 655,517 of its allocated vaccines, with 288,239 being Moderna, 346,949 being Pfizer and 20,329 being Johnson & Johnson.

On the June 2 report, health officials confirmed 30 more cases of COVID-19, while the state's active COVID-19 cases have dropped to 300.

A total of 121,908 of South Dakota's 124,191 COVID-19 cases have recovered, with 41 patients hospitalized due to the virus.

So far, South Dakota has confirmed 2,019 virus-related deaths in the state.

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