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Nebraska Region 11 Emergency Management adds important tool to help warn citizens during emergencies

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NORFOLK, Neb. (KTIV) - An emergency management agency in northeast Nebraska has added an important tool to help warn citizens during emergencies.

The system is called the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, or I-Paws for short.

This system will help inform locals in Madison, Antelope, and Pierce Counties if there is an emergency going on, such as a major flood or hazardous material spill. Region 11 leaders say you can get these alerts in a number of ways from your local dispatchers.

“If a section of Madison County has to evacuate, the dispatch centers get on their computer and send a message out stating this section of Madison County needs to evacuate right now. And you get it over your cell phone, you get it over any internet-connected device, and over the ticker tape on the TV and your radio,” said Bobbi Risor, Region 11 Emergency Manager.

Risor said that if you see an IPAWS alert, pay attention, because they are only sent out during major catastrophic emergencies such as major floods or telling citizens to take shelter during a tornado.

Brett Mayerson

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