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One inmate charged with deaths of Anamosa prison staff to claim self-defense

Anamosa Suspects

ANAMOSA, Iowa (KWWL) -- One of the two inmates who have been charged with killing two Anamosa State Prison staff in April intends to claim self-defense.

Court documents show that Michael Dutcher will claim he killed nurse Lorena Schulte and correctional officer Robert McFarland in self-defense, or in defense of others despite it being during an attempted escape.

Dutcher previously pleaded not guilty to the murders and has waived his right to a jury trial. His bench trial is scheduled to start on August 3.

The other inmate charged in the attack, Thomas Woodard, has also pleaded not guilty but will go on trial in Linn County The trial for one of the inmates facing charges related to the deaths of two staff members at the Anamosa State Penitentiary has been moved to Linn County.

Investigators say the two inmates killed Schulte and McFarland during a failed prison escape on March 23. They are also accused of seriously injuring another inmate, McKinley Roby, who tried to help Schulte and McFarland and holding another prison worker, Lori Mathis, hostage. They say the two tried to escape with the help of tools they had acquired through their part in the prison's work program.

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