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Wildfire smoke may impact health of some in Siouxland

7/23 Air Quality

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - You have likely noticed the hazy sky in Siouxland for much of the last week and a half.

This is smoke in the upper atmosphere that has arrived in our area from ongoing wildfires in both Canada and the western United States.

For most of that time frame, the smoke has stayed well above us in the atmosphere and mainly impacted us by giving us a murky sky and some nice-looking sunrises and sunsets.

However, some of that smoke has started to work down toward ground level and is now lowering the air quality a bit.

Most people will not have any problems; however, those who are more sensitive to air quality drops (such as those with respiratory conditions) may notice some irritation or other issues this weekend with the smoke still in our area.

If you fall into that category, you may want to limit outdoor activities until we see the smoke drift out of our area.

Jaret Lansford

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