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Iowa Board of Regents approves 1.5 – 3.9% tuition increase across campuses


CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) - The Iowa Board of Regents approved a set of tuition and fee increases across all three of Iowa's public universities on Wednesday.

The BOR has said these hikes are necessary to make up for stagnant funding from the state legislature. The Republican-controlled legislature cut their funding by eight million in Fiscal Year 2021 and kept it at that level for FY 2022.

By percentage, non-resident students at UNI are seeing the smallest increase, and non-resident students at Iowa State are seeing the highest increase. The BOR says each university proposed its own set of increases.

The full scale is below:

  • UNI resident tuition: $7,665 to $7,780 (+$115)
  • UNI nonresident tuition: $18,207 to $18,480 (+$273)
  • U of I resident tuition: $8,073 to $8,356 (+$283)
  • U of I nonresident tuition: $30,036 to $30,319 (+$283)
  • ISU resident tuition: $8,042 to $8,324 (+$282)
  • ISU nonresident tuition: $23,230 to $24,136 (+$906)

"Mandatory fees" also increased by $53.50 at the U of I and $36 at ISU.

New U of I President Barbara Wilson said last week one of her goals is to work with state lawmakers to mitigate future increases.

Even with this increase, the U of I is still the 2nd cheapest Big Ten school, after the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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