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Healthbeat 4: How your golf swing can injure your back

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Golf season is in full swing. But your lower back could be teeing up for some pain if you aren't careful.

Your back plays an important part in your golf game. That's why you need to make sure it isn't in pain, something physical therapists, like Shauna Hoak, see often.

"A lot of times with the swinging motion of golf, people will you know if they hit the ground too hard if they try to swing a little too hard, which happens often, they can strain their low back, or, you know, begin to have pain, typically, I mean, it could be from bending over, or just simply the swing," said Shauna Hoak of CNOS.

Curtis Anderson is an avid golfer, but he's the first to admit he is no Tiger Woods. He injured his back while shoveling snow, and Hoak helped him get back into shape for the links through physical therapy.

"I got out of bed, it was terrible. Every single morning, it was just a pain…the first couple times it was painful. And after that it slowly got better and better. And I was amazing. Because just these little exercises because they know what they're talking about. It made things more comfortable," said Anderson. "Now I can get up and walk, I can golf, I can move around without the pain."

Hoak recommends, if you are experiencing lower back pain, see a doctor for how to best treat it. Ice and pain medication aren't always the answer.

"We're going to take a look at their flexibility, mobility, look at their strength, see what kind of deficits that we find, whether it's just kind of loosening up that muscle spasm, or we have to, you know, do some stretching, some flexibility exercises, and then really start to work on the core," said Hoak. "Because lots of times people have weakness in their hips and their core. And that's what contributes to a lot of their pain."

Hoak says she has seen more back pain in sedentary people, more than likely from the pandemic. She says your body needs activity, but don't overdo it out of the gate.

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