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Rain returns through Friday morning

Rain returns through Friday morning

Amounts for much of the area look to end up between a quarter and half an inch by the time

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Vote on bill to approve potentially life-saving drug for Jaci Hermstad delayed until Friday

A drug to combat Jaci's specific mutation of life-threatening ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, needs FDA approval.

Sioux City man charged in fatal 4th Street assault arrested in Mexico

U.S. Marshals narrowed their search to a small town in Jalisco, Mexico, where Avila had fled. 

Students at Holy Cross School St. Michael’s Center receive free helmets

Thanks to a grant from Dairy Queen, Opportunities Unlimited was able to give out a free helmet to every student

Link Manufacturing celebrates a major milestone

The company employs close to 200 people from the community, so for them this is a major achievement.

May 19-25 is National EMS Week

The National Association of Emergency Management Technicians (NAEMT) partners with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to lead annual

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